About Us

Blake grew up in North Bend and attended college in Ellensburg, WA. After pursuing his degree in Clinical Physiology and becoming a personal trainer, he used his skills from his business fraternity to start his mobile detail business. Blake started his mobile detailing business in April of 2017. Blake first began working out of his Honda civic, filled with everything from cleaning supplies to a generator. Two months later he was able to purchase his van and gain the ability to serve his clients the way he wanted. The beginning was rough, but the passion for success fueled Blake to push past challenges because in his eyes business ownership was the only way to go. Blake was able to attend an extensive detail course where he furthered his knowledge and became a certified auto detailer. He continues to build his business so that in the future he can add a shop to the mobile detailing where larger jobs can be completed. Blake understands the level of care each vehicle needs and the respect each owner deserves.