What our customers are saying!

Michael W.

"Awesome service. Blake's response to the original inquiry was prompt and helpful. Scheduling was a breeze. He arrived at my house on time and as scheduled. Vehicle detailing was performed with meticulous care and results matched my high expectations. Care was taken to address a few problem areas on my vehicles, which were restored to nearly-new condition. Blake couldn't have been more pleasant, courteous, and thorough. He clearly takes pride in his work, and the convenience of mobile service puts this company at the top of the heap. 100% recommend."

Samammish, WA

Sonja J.

"Blake drove from North Bend to my home in Snohomish! He spent 3 hours detailing my daughter's car! The car looks awesome and I could not have asked for better service! The car had a strange smell in it and the outside looked rough! Now, it looks like almost new!! Thank you for amazing service for a great price!"

Snohomish, WA

Susan R.

"It's really great to see someone like Blake who takes such pride in his work and loves what he does.  I had called him because my car had a weird chemical smell in it, and he steam cleaned the interior and cleaned every nook and cranny, and it is 100% better!   I also had him do the exterior, and it looks amazing!  The color is much more deep and rich, and the car is super glossy now.  It looks brand new!  I would highly recommend him, and what is also great is that he will come to where you are.  Also a very nice guy!"

Bellevue, WA

Katie L.

Wow! I had been promising my husband a detail for about a year, but kept putting it off due to the hassle of dropping off at the dealership, coordinating a ride or waiting for hours on end. Soooo thankful I came across Blake's information!

Blake is extremely professional and prompt. He is a thorough detailer and a great, customer-focused businessman. He sends confirmation texts and offers a variety of payments in addition to being meticulous about cleaning your car. Honestly, I cannot say enough good about Blake and his service. We will look to Blake for our future detailing needs.

Seattle, WA 

Craig M.

Fantastic service at unbeatable prices.  

I've used Blakes service twice, and I couldn't be more delighted.  Why?  
1.  Compared to the several other detailing services in the area I've used over the years, Blake's prices are far superior.  
2.  The service offered, even at those prices, is next level.  He comes to you.  The job is done in record time; other services take all day and good luck if you need your car earlier.  
3.  The quality of the detailing--which is what ultimately counts--is immaculate.  In the case of one of my vehicles, which had cloth seats with old stains, Blake got them out ... which, to me, was pretty miraculous.  

Dominant option in the market, in my opinion.

Samammish, WA

B K.

I was blown away by the entire experience with Blake. From the polite texts to get scheduled, his ability to accommodate our busy lives, all the way to the final product, we were more than pleased. Blake is one of the hardest workers I have met. If you could have seen the state of our van before hand and then seen it after, you wouldn't believe it was the same vehicle. He never made us feel bad and was gracious to put in all the extra time it took. We will absolutely be using him again and we are already looking to use his services as gifts for others. He brings his own water and power supply so he can accommodate any location.

He also completely cleaned up the area where we dumped all the stuff from our cars. He brought it all under cover and certainly didn't need to do that.

Can't say enough good things! You will not regret booking him.

Seattle, WA